Small Acts can have HUGE Impact

Let’s take a moment to think about the last time you did a small act of kindness for someone… How did you feel? Sometimes it can be as simple as saying Good Morning to someone, not realizing they were having a tough morning, sometimes it can be buying a coffee for someone in need… These small gestures can seem so insignificant, but what we may not know is just how much of an impact something so small can have. In a single moment, with a simple sentence, you have the power to change someones day.

One of my favourite video’s I have seen over the years is a Ted Talk by Drew Dudley, titled Everyday Leadership, he goes on to explain how a simple exchange can have a huge impact

I like to rewatch this video a few times a year as a reminder, not only to do things for others, but to also say Thank You to those who have given me those moments. It truly is amazing to think something as simple as saying Good Morning to the one you didn’t realize was struggling can totally turn their day around.

Remember friends, be kind to one another…

Lady D

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